What is MediWallet?

MediWallet is an innovative product aimed at making access to private healthcare services more affordable through offering an alternative payment method to Medical Aid, which is becoming more expensive each year. 

MediWallet combined with a hospital plan is an affordable way to manage your health expenditure. In the event of a disaster, your hospital plan will protect you from having to pay potentially crippling hospital fees. MediWallet steps in for those day-to-day costs that can so quickly and unexpectedly gobble up your money.


MediWallet offers you access to up to R40 000 in credit. Your doctor or other medical service provider gets paid up front, but you have up to 18 months to settle the bill, and you incur no penalties if you pay it up sooner.


MediWallet works completely differently to medical savings accounts. MediWallet only comes into play when you actually need it. MediWallet allows you to pay for medical services when you use them, instead of paying every month whether you need those services or not.


When times are good, it’s usually easy for you to pay day-to-day medical out of pocket. But when times are tight and you need a hand, you can turn to MediWallet. You’ll be able to cover unexpected fees, or costs that are beyond your budget for the month, and pay them off in instalments over time.


It offers you more control over your medical spending, gives you more flexibility and shields you from increases in medical aid premiums, which are beyond your control and may be caused by issues that have absolutely nothing to do with you.

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Where can I use this?

MediWallet has strategic partnerships with leading healthcare groups, ensuring you have access to healthcare whereever you are in South Africa. You have the choice of over 400 practices in the Spec-Savers and Intercare networks. Over and above this, independant healthcare providers are signing on daily. To add your practice as a MediWallet partner Click Here

Follow the links below to find locations for our partner stores:

Spec-Savers South Africa

280 outlets nationwide

Intercare Medical Centres

23 medical centres nationwide, each containing numerous practices and services

Independant practices

View independant practices where you can transact with your MediWallet card

Partner Map

Do I qualify?

You can find out if you qualify for a MediWallet account immediately by simply filling in the details listed below:

* By clicking this button I allow you to check my credit record

If you would like to complete a manual application form, download the form by clicking here and send, along with your ID document, to enquiries@mediwallet.co.za

MediWallet accounts are provided by FeverTree Finance, a registered credit provider.