Bad debt recovery specialists

Your brand and reputation are important to us, therefore MediWallet has partnered with Collier & Malan to assist you with your bad debts.

They assist companies with the recovery of outstanding debts on a no recovery - no fee basis.

They can offer your practice a tailor-made debt collection solution that suits your business needs. Their goal is to increase cash flow, reduce bad debt and free up time to spend running your practice.

Collier & Malan will manage your bad debt through innovative collection techniques.

They offer competitive collections fees from 9%, with no additional monthly cost.

Collection fees are charged on successful collections. Fee is dependent on the age of the accounts

Their services include:

  • Soft collections
  • Pre-legal collections
  • Legal collections (Requires practice consent)

Customers will always be handled with great care as to maintain the practices reputation and ensure customers return for future visits and no collection fees will be charged on to your customers.

They are registered with the Council of Debt Collectors and follow the standards set by them.

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For more information, contact Collier & Malan on 041 476 0980 or

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