MediWallet Customer Frequently Asked Questions

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There are 3 ways to apply for an account:

  • SMS (pre-approval): SMS SA ID Number*Gross Monthly Income to 45105
    e.g. 8212225222085*10000
    You will be notified in 30 seconds if you pre-qualify. If you pre-qualify, a link will be sent to you via SMS to complete the full application on your mobile.
  • Web application: Complete the full online application here:
  • Manual application: Complete a manual application form and send it to with the required documentation.


Yes. MediWallet is a medical credit account which enhances your Medical Aid. MediWallet takes care of your primary (out-f hospital) care and is complimentary to a Hospital Plan.


MediWallet aims to be 2% cheaper than credit card interest rates. To give an example, a R5 000 spend will roughly cost you R355 per month over 18 months
[*Indicative pricing subject to interest rate changes].


There are no fees when the account is not used. There is a monthly administration fee of R29, which is only applicable when your account has a drawn down balance. There is also a once off initiation fee, which is charged on your first transaction date, of R49.


No, there are no hidden fees!


No, there are no waiting periods, no restrictions, not category limits and no limitations to scheme rates.


We calculate our account over 18 months, however you are able to settle your account early and there are no penalties for choosing this option. MediWallet is a revolving credit facility, as soon as you have made a payment towards your account, the amount becomes available to you again.


A colour copy of your SA ID document, last three month’s bank statements and your latest payslip.


Once we have received your documentation, you will be contacted on the number you supplied to answer a few security questions. Once the necessary checks have been completed, you are ready to use your account immediately (no waiting period).


You need to be between the ages of 18 and 65, earn a minimum of R5 000 a month and be a responsible credit user (we use your credit score).


As a registered credit and authorised financial services provider, we are governed by the National Credit Act in assessing whether we can provide you with credit. We will conduct an assessment which includes you credit behaviour (credit bureau score), an affordability analysis as well as a fraud analysis. Based on this information, we will determine whether we can grant you credit and how much.


Only once you have completed the full application and all the necessary checks have been completed, you will be notified of the credit facility you have been granted.


You can, however our system links the account to your ID and verifies your ID document on spend. As such, you will have to be present when the transaction is processed.


No. You only incur the costs when your account has a balance.


You need to present your ID document/driver’s license to spend at all the MediWallet partners, except for Clicks. If you want to spend at Clicks you will need to collect a MediWallet card at any Spec-Savers store natiowide.


Only one card can be linked to an account.


MediWallet has certain qualifying criteria which must be met before you gain access to all the benefits that accompany MediWallet. You can contact TransUnion directly on for your credit record status. Don’t despair, if your circumstances change even slightly after a few months, give us a call and we will gladly re-evaluate.


No, you are welcome to apply once you have completed your debt review process.


MediWallet is provided by FeverTree Finance (Pty) Ltd, a registered credit provider. The account is subject to FeverTree’s credit policies, which includes the signing of a monthly debit order mandate. Every month FeverTree will draw the agreed amount from your bank account via debit order.


MediWallet does not currently have a savings pocket. You are able to contribute money to your MediWallet Account, unfortunately from a legal perspective we are not able to pay you interest on the money. However, when you spend from a positive balance you will receive 5% cash back on that spend.


Please inform our call centre as soon as possible by calling us on 086 100 7709 or email us on You can also collect a new MediWallet card at any Spec-Savers store which will automatically deactivate your old card.

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