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Network Name Type Region City Suburb
Independent Cure Day Clinic Medkin Day Hospital Dentist GP Gynaecologist Ophthalmologist Specialist Gauteng Pretoria Sunnyside
Independent Dr Andrew J Lawson Radiologist Specialist Western Cape Cape Town Gardens
Independent Dr Cebi Sibisi Dermatologist Specialist KZN Durban Umhlanga
Independent Dr Nilesh Nair GP Specialist KZN Ladysmith
Independent Essen Medical Centre GP Ophthalmologist Specialist KZN Ladysmith
Independent Estherea Womans Wellness Clinic Dietitian Doula Midwife Physiotherapist Specialist Free State Bloemfontein Westdene
Geneway Specialist Gauteng
Independent Jullo Centre Clinic Rehabilitation Centre Specialist KZN Durban Merebank
Independent Sleep Quip Medical Equipment Specialist Free State Bloemfontein Langenhovenpark
Independent The CareJunction Audiologist Specialist Speech Therapist Gauteng Johannesburg Parkhurst
Independent The Home of Biological Dentistry Dentist Specialist Gauteng Pretoria Groenkloof

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