SpecSavers Bloemfontein Plaza


At Spec-Savers Bloem Plaza we have 1 qualified Optometrist who - 1.) Patient - centrism - Maximizing patient satisfaction. 2.) Leadership - Professional effectiveness will have a lot to do with how you leverage the respect of staff members through your personal leadership, to improve the quality of the the care you jointly deliver. 3.) Continuous improvement - Constantly challenging the effectiveness of office routine, seeking ways to improve.

We opened in 1993 and have grown to a staff compliment of 5 including:

  • Burnedette - Practice manager
  • Ben - Lab technician
  • Emily - Optical assistant
  • Jackie - Optical assistant
  • Ruth - Optical assistant.

Customers are the heart of the business, without them the organization would not exist. Each day we have opportunities to make a substantial difference in our patients' lives. Therefore, we strive to prescribe the best solution to maintain good life-long vision. When you visit us you will receive: 1.) Empathetic listening - It's in the tone, in the facial expressions and the the gestures of the customer service representative. Customers love to be heard and understood. 2.) Tenacity - Try to out-do oneself and not give into complacency. Customers' trust is won when they see the determination to deliver excellence every time you serve them. 3.) Under promise and over deliver - Follow through on every promise. You will be treated in our testing room, and should you need additional testing we are also able to offer our clients a Fundus camera.

Why not make an appointment online at Spec-Savers Bloem Plaza today to meet our Friendly team!


Address Shop 9
Bloem Plaza
40 Maitland Street
Affiliations Spec-Savers

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