SpecSavers Kempton Park Woodbridge


Spec-Savers Kempton Park Woodbridge is an optometry practice that offers optometric services to the area of Kempton Park.

The store opened its doors in December 2003 and has been providing customers wiith quality eye care services ever since.

The store is run by 9 dedicated staff members which includes 2 qualified Opmetrists. Our skilled staff members are:

  • Asher Daniel (B.Optom)
  • Maxine Naidu (B.Optom)
  • Annette Linden (General Manager for Kempton Park, Festival Mall and Stoneridge)
  • Sumaya Saib (Admin)
  • Norma Korsman (Debtors Manager)
  • Maria Skoshana (Frontline)
  • Vashen Kariem (Frontline)
  • Bianca Oberholzer (Frontline)
  • Tanya Boshoff (Frontline)

Our Optometrist values: 1.)  Empathy to the customer's situation. 2.) Understanding the customer's needs. 3.) Confidence in your knowledge and what you are able to offer.     


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