SpecSavers Laguna Mall Langebaan


At Spec-Savers Laguna Mall we have 1 qualified Optometrist who is friendly, listens and addresses your patients needs, and conducts a proper eye test explaining to the patient what you do.

We opened in November 2007, and have grown to a staff compliment of 3 including:

  • Misha Bagus - Debtors clerk
  • Chante swanepoel - Frontline
  • Charis Olwagen - Optometrist

Each patient is different, don't make assumptions, closely listen to their individual needs, be friendly, understanding, and explain to the patient want you are doing. When you visit us, we are friendly, helpful, listen and address your needs, and follow up.

You will be treated in our 1 testing room and should you need additional testing we are also able to offer option of a Tonometer, Autorefractor, Vertometer, Phoropter, and a Opthalmoscope.

Why not make an appointment online at Spec-Savers Laguna Mall today to meet our Friendly team!


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