SpecSavers Lichtenburg


Affordable Eyecare is what we live by at Spec-Savers Lichtenburg. Having opened in March 2004, our store has enjoyed enormous growth over the years now offering 2 testing rooms and an additional Canon Cr2 Digital Retinal Camera. We have a small low vision clinic to assist patients with Age Related Macular Degeneration, Advanced Glaucoma etc...

We have 7 dedicated staff members and 1 fully qualified Optometrist. Our staff members include:

  • Riana Roelofsz ( B.Optom RAU FOA SA)
  • Hazel van den Berg ( Admin Manager)
  • Angelique Wood ( Lab Manager)
  • Amy Burger ( Frontliner)
  • Janine Watson ( Frontliner)
  • Dorothea Dipholo ( General Assistant).

All of whom strive for: 1.) Every customer must feel special and that we will go all the way to assist them with resolving there problems. 2.) Communication must be very clear. 3.) We aim to build a relationship with the patient and their families, when we know them well, it is so much easier to make the right recommendation in terms of eye care. 

We live by: Warmth, excellent clinical skills and good communication. We treat every patient with respect and kindness. We listen carefully and have a real interest in getting to know the person. We provide advise and like to suprise them with all the added benefits they get from Spec-Savers: 80% replacement warranty, the opportunity to trial Varifocals and contact lenses, free maintenace on spectacles e.g.: nosepads, screws and adjustments. It is important to our success .


Address 17 Bantjes Street
Affiliations Spec-Savers

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