SpecSavers Primrose


Affordable Eyecare is what we live by at Spec-Savers Primrose. Opened in August 2008, our store has enjoyed enormous growth over the years. Now offering 1 testing room, an additional Fundus Camera, On-site Lab, 5 dedicated staff members and 1 fuly qualified optometrist.

Our staff members include: Leslie Leo - Dip. Optom SA & F.O.A (S.A), Kathleen Leo- Business Co-Ordinator, Leonie Bronkhorst- Frontliner, Maxine Pieterse- Frontliner and Nadine Boyley- Debtors, all of whom strive to succeed in making you see as we know that everyone wants to have full use of their vision to be able to capture every special and big moment in their lives. We see vision as the ability to see other people & the ability to interact with others. 

Schedule an appointment at Spec-Savers Primrose to experience our passionate team that goes above and beyond the call of duty. 


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