SpecSavers Rondebosch


Affordable Eyecare is what we live by at Spec-Savers Rondebosch.

The store has been under new management since December 2012, our store has enjoyed enormous growth over the years now offering 1 testing room,  2 dedicated staff members and 1 fully qualified optometrist. Our staff members who strive for customer satisfaction include;

Lungiswa Krawe ( Frontliner)

Zaitoen Greary (Debtors Clerk)

People want to know why and how much they are paying. Upon visiting our store you can expect friendly service and quick turn around time.  To be a great optometrist one needs passion, personality and an eye for detail.. We know that primary aim in the test is to determine the problem, from there a comfortable correction,being spectacles or contact lenses. Depending on the patient I love helping patients choose a suitable frame as thi is important to our success .


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