SpecSavers Worcester


At Spec-Savers Worcester we have 2 qualified optometrists who strive for professionalism, empathy and patience.

We opened in April 2000 and have grown to a staff complement of 3 including:    

Emnarenthia Veldtsman Floor assistant

Mariska Smit Frontliner

Lizelle Tamponi Frontliner/teamleader 

Managing customer perception of a business means first hearing the voice of the customer. Listen to a costumers needs and making them feel respected an treated fairly will have a positive outcome. Optometry is a first line of defense in healthcare, so better vision is only one of roles of an optometrist. When you visit us you will experience patience and attentiveness, a calming presence, clear communication and knowledge of product. You will be treated in one of our 1 testing rooms and should you need additional testing we are also able to offer our clients a tonometer, autorefractor, slitlamp, visual field tester, keratometer and vertometer .

Why not make an appointment online at Spec-Savers Worcester today to meet our Friendly team.


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